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What is Cooled Radiofrequency (CRF)?

CRF is a minimally invasive, non-surgical treatment to treat chronic pain of the back, hip or knee. This innovative new method of treatment uses cooled energy to deactivate nerves sending pain signals to the brain. Learn more here...

How does CRF work?                                     

Water is circulated through a device that heats tissue and targets nerves. Coolief cooled radiofrequency is able to target a larger area than standard RF treatment – with greater precision – and without causing excessive heating. Learn more here...

How do patients benefit from CRF?

Cooled radiofrequency can give patients up to 24 months of pain relief – as well as improved physical function and a reduced need for pain medication. Click here to read more about the benefits.

How does CRF differ from other treatments for chronic pain?

Traditionally patients have been given anti-inflammatory medication, steroid injections and therapy – or have been forced to endure surgery. But medications cannot target nerves effectively and can have some unpleasant side effects. Surgery is not ideal for everyone – and may want to be avoided by some patients.

How do patients know if CRF is right for them? 

Dr Ralph will speak to each patient on an individual basis to ensure that cooled radiofrequency treatment is right for him or her. Once they have been assessed, Dr Ralph will be able to decide whether CRF is the most effective way of dealing with the patient’s chronic pain.

What should patients expect after the CRF procedure?

Coolief cooled radiofrequency treatment involves no incision, as there is no need for surgery. Any slight discomfort will be minimal and can be treated with over the counter medication.

How soon can patients go home after the treatment?

CRF is only minimally invasive so there is no need for a general anaesthetic – patients should be able to return home shortly after the treatment.

When can patients return to their normal daily routine?

It depends on the individual patient and how intensive the procedure is, but they can usually return to work and everyday activities within several days.

Can patients who have had knee replacement surgery be treated?

Yes. It is well known that even patients who have knee or hip replacements can still endure severe pain. As cooled radiofrequency targets the nerves that are sending these signals the treatment is absolutely available. More information about Knee CFR click here

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