Break through pain – as well as traditional limitations

Comparing traditional RF treatment with Cooled Radiofrequency is like comparing standard definition TV to HD – there simply is no comparison

What are the Benefits of Cooled Radiofrequency?

On a very basic level cooled radio frequency:

• gives you extended pain relief – up to 24 months
• is a minimally invasive procedure
• means no need for hip or knee replacement surgery

Medications do not really effectively target the pain and surgery can mean a real change of lifestyle – and that’s just for patients who are chosen.

The real difference is between conventional radiofrequency treatment and this new, modernised version. There is simply no way you would even consider the standard treatment when you discover how much better Coolief cooled radiofrequency treatment is for you.

Standard radiofrequency has had its day. This revolutionary new method enables larger areas of tissue to be targeted – meaning that more sensory nerves are deactivated – meaning less pain. With standard RF the heat is concentrated on the probe but with CRF the heat is distributed further – meaning less probing.

By attacking a larger area, your doctor can also deal with variable nerve paths that are sometimes missed with standard RF. These hard to reach nerves are dealt with effectively thanks to CRF – and the water acts as a coolant to the tissue, ensuring that there is no damage either.

Cooled Radiofrequency gives your doctor:

• a larger area to target
• more expansive distal projection
• better angle independence for the probe

Cooled Radiofrequency gives you:

• up to 24 months of pain relief
• improved physical movement
• less need for pain relief drugs 

By choosing Coolief cooled radiofrequency you can start flaunting what you’ve got again – you deserve it!

Back pain

If Back Pain (Lumber spine) is getting you down, click here to see how Cooled Radio frequency can help improve your life

Are you ready to get your swagger back?

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